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Legal advice on Final arrangements and wills in Alaska

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Can I sue for breaking a verbal agreement having to do with the disbursement of my father's estate after his death?? Help please
My father passed away late oct 2014. To all of our surprises my father never had a written will stipulating who gets what when he passes away, however he did make my stepmother the executor of his wishes. Right after my father passed away my step mom informed both me and my brother the amount of money that my father had told her that he wished us to be left. It was a considerable amount, and she told us that if she dispersed the money to us all at once that we may get taxed on it…so she gave us a small portion of the whole amount that she had told us, and then informed us that we would receive the other portion of the money a year from November 2014. I had contacted her earlier this year and asked if there was any way that I could receive the other portion a little earlier since I am financially struggling. But when I emailed her about it she told me that she would not be willing to give me the other portion of the money because she did not approve of fiancé…This makes no sense given I was with my fiancé at the time the other portion was paid out…I have a record of me cashing the check from the first portion and I also have an email from her stating that she is not willing to pay the other portion..there were no conditions given to me as to the condition my life was in when I could get paid, and this is hurting my welfare seeing as I’m assuming my father wanted to leave the money to me so I could be taken care of, and right now that’s not happening…I need some help, do I have chance of winning a case?

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