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Legal advice on Drug related crimes in Oklahoma

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Drug testing? family court
ex wife failed her drug test for meth i wanted her boyfriend drug tested to but was told i could not at the time. she claimed that was not her boyfriend and he did not live with her. but now she is married to this guy. he has a record driving under suspension possession of a dangerous substance possession of weed. exc. my child has told me he takes her with him while her mom sleeps.i have seen him driving i know for a fact he has a revoked license while driving my kid around and have not been able to do anything about it. but since they are now married does that change things can i request to the courts that he have a background check done and a drug test done.on him as well since he will be in my child's life now and i want my child to be safe.even though it does not matter i do have custody of my child sole legal and physical custody with mother getting every other weekends. one more thing there has been problems with drop off and pick up this part was not court order the judge told her that where she lives to where i live is not far she was picking child up and dropping child off at my house but her car got impounded i was asked if i would meet half way because she did not have a car well she has her car back and has done nothing but try to start problems with me claiming she fills intimidated at the police station taking pictures of my van any thing she can do. i now longer want meet half way it was supposed to be temporary so will i be OK if i do not meet half way. as i will make are child available for her to pick up and drop off . other reasons are that my wife and i work we have 3 other children and Sundays is are only days off . my ex was ordered 9 moths ago to pay child support and has done nothing to help support are child in any way so i figure the lest is she can pick her up and drop her off thanks for your time and responses.

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