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Legal advice on Domestic violence green card in Pennsylvania

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My friend needs help getting her green card, she's 32 years in USA, married to an american, with 6 american born children.
A dear friend of mine married to an american citizen who because of control and abuse issues would never file for her green card. Recently he put her out on the street with two of their children leaving her with no where to go and is now living with his girlfriend. I and another friend are helping her by keeping her and her children from being put out on the street . She has her SS cards, medical cards and foodstamp cards and Birth certificates for all her children. Her oldest son is on SSI for Bi-Polar, and her youngest with her is just 4. She really needs someones help, and is disabled from a disease they call RSD, and is only living from the money her son brings in and the foodstamps. She cannot get a decent job, an apartment, a drivers license or any kind of housing assistance to build a life of her own. I am begging you for some help, in seeing that she does not have to live in fear of being homeless and destitute, and /or possibly lose her children which would please her husband who is not even fit to be a father. I am keeping her son wih me in my downstairs apt, and my neighbor upstairs has taken in her and the 4 year old. However I am on section 8, and this could jeprodize my housing, and the lady upstairs is on a list for HUD and may be moving shortly. I cannot even move to a place and put her and her children on a lease with me through section 8 until "she" without this valid information and immigration problems are settled. She has no 'money' to speak of for an expensive lawyer, and we have grown to love her and desperately need your help or advice on where to go, or who to contact to get her birth certificate from Africa, although she is not african amercan. Please send answer to my email address on what we can do to quickly speed this process due to theses extenuating circumstances.

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