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Legal advice on Docked pay and work hours in Texas

I want to know if i have a wrongful termination law suit?
I have a wrongful termination question, due to retalition! I formerly worked for Terminix, and was terminated due to my employer stating that I did not show up for a stop on my route! After pulling GPS records it showed that I was actually employer then went on to say "well you were only there for eight minutes" Although this may or not be correct, I asked my employer "was the gate locked?" It then shows that when the cust called to complain he himself stated the gate had been locked! Terminix policy is that we must spray the front yard if gate is locked! Although they agreed to this method of treatment they still fired me! The entire reason for this unfair treatment is a result of me alerting the Ethics Hotline, a outside source in which Servicemaster (Terminix) has set up to handle unfair practices in the workplace! My regional manager as well as my direct manger both agreed I was docked pay on my August check but refused to compensate me for the moneys owed! My regional manager stop taking my phone calls and returning my e-mails! After about a month of no progress i was forced to contact the ethics hotline! The regional manager was then demoted, and a new regional manager brought in! my immediate manager then began to try to set sanctions on me the very next day that he had not given to anyone else! He began to threaten my job everyday stating that if i did not reach a certain percentage i would be fired at end of month! After speaking with HR, he then called everone in two days later and tried to make them sign same report after HR told him he can not single one person out like that! My name is Billy Fobbs, my phone is 832-387-3424! thank you

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