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Legal advice on Divorce mediation in Georgia

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Can mediated divorce agreement not signed off by the judge be set aside and the divorce settled in court instead?
We are divorcing. The mediated agreement stipulated I keep the property we lived in, my husband a separate property we own, and we sell the third property and share the proceeds (all houses). He has since moved out of the first property and moved to the one for sale. He changed the locks and barred me from entry including filing charges for harassment when I visited the property (first time with a potential buyer, second time to have him sign a paper for our son). We have common furniture etc., in all of these houses. He has also filed for restraining order and legal fees relating to his lawyer charges. He also claims that I have delayed filing of the mediated agreement, while it is him who refuses to cooperate on reaching agreement on some missing terms such as dates, furniture, thousand of dollars worth of tools and building materials, paying expenses for our child (there is no child support due to either party per agreement). I cannot afford to continue paying legal fees and seems that I cannot get this resolved. The house I am to keep has almost all of its value in mortgage that is supposed to be paid from the sale of the property he moved into. Both other properties are paid off and free. I am frustrated because I gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars that I would have been entitled to very likely otherwise (like money in his retirement plans) to have the divorce promptly and avoid additional legal expenses and emotional distress. He was the party filing for the divorce. We were married for 25 years. I have to now hire a lawyer (as my previous does not litigate). Can I have the agreement set aside and proceed to a divorce in the court? What are the chances of that?

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