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Legal advice on Disability discrimination in the workplace in Kentucky

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Is my wife being discriminated at work
My wife has been working for the same company for over 22 years. She has worked very very hard to get the position she holds. She is head supervisor of her department. For how long she's not sure. The main manager does not seem to want her to hold her position. The main manager has others she wants to have the position. People she hangs with and such. Before my wife leaves work....she leaves a note on her desk for her back up to get certain things done. When she returns the next morning...hardly anything has been done. Instead her backup has chosen to do something else instead. When something like this isn't going on....her backup is called to the front to help with something. Then her boss will tell my wife she is tired of saving her ass. My wife's boss told her she has ran the best workers out of the place. My wife had a weeks vacation coming up just before Christmas. Her boss called her upstairs and told her she has 11 days to get things straightened up or she was going to have her file opened.... I really have no idea what she meant by that. She told my wife she did not want her coming in there bothering anyone while she was on her vacation. When my wife returned things looked pretty good. My wife said everyone was talking about how good her backup has the place looking. The boss has now sent my wife's backup to another store to train for the position my wife's holds. My wife is more concerned about the disgrace of losing her position than anything else right now. She is 61 years old,she has battled cancer and worked right up to a couple of days before surgery. She won't stop fighting for her job! She has been praised by other managers before this one. However they are making it a living hell for her. If she gets stepped down from her you think anything can be done on her behalf? She needs a fighting chance. Thank you

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