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Legal advice on Denied unemployment compensation in North Carolina

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Denied unemployment because my former employer lied
I believe that I should be entitled to Unemployment Benefits because my termination was unwarranted and; (1) I was given a verbal warning about the missing paperwork, which I have spoken to Robin Pittman about and stated to her that the paperwork was done, after that I was written up for the same paperwork that I had a verbal conversation with Robin Pittman. (2) I feel like I was set-up when someone else decided to move my paperwork, which all the managers have asset too (3) I was never written up for reason I was disqualified or fired in the written letter from Unemployment. When I did the head stand the employees and management wanted to see if I could do that and it was real slow at the time so I thought no harm in it, so the management is just at fault. I NEVER did a split because I can’t even do a split I would like to see a recorded video of me doing a split, which was claimed in the unemployment-disqualifying letter. (4) I’m sending in a copy of my discharge papers of the reason they are saying why I was terminated. (5) I was written up for the missing paperwork, which I had stated earlier, was correct and placed where needed to be. I was a dedicated and loyal employee for the company for over 10 years, despite a constant turnover of employees. I started with Food Lion LLC while I was in High School in 2003 under a program for learning disabilities, because I have had learning disabilities and diagnosed since I was 3 years old with records. Food Lion LLC is aware of my disabilities because of my school program I was under. I worked on both a full time and part time at different stores over the time with my employment with Food Lion LLC. I believe that I was the victim of an abuse of power, as well as a victim of sophomoric games practiced by management and co-employees in a discriminatory manner.

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