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Legal advice on Criminal charges for burglary in Arkansas

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Were my rights violated, is there 72 hour first court apperance apawn arrest, dont they have to inform you cause of arrest
my feince and i were at friends (keep in mind hes on parole) house we did not hear offiers knock on door or anything the next thing i know the door was kicked down stated police we have warrent mean while it sounded to be gun fire and our friend hollering go ahead take me home to my son then it stopped. there seemed to be some hits and words exchanged between our friend and officer the next thing we know they are hollering at my feince to get out from behind the bed get on the floor as doing so and them jumping on my back (i was half naked waist down) i asked what was going on and why did they hurt our friend. we could see him on the floor pretty beaten up. the only thing they did was put me in hand cuffs put me in back of cop car after cuffing the boys they took us to jail i proceeded to ask what why and why they were calling me someone else's name and told them who i was and that my id was in my pants that they would not allow me to put on. their response was talk to arresting officer when the supposed officer showed up hours after being arrested and not booked in (which he was not the one that arrested me but he stated because i was a horrible person and a criminal just like the garbage i arrested with. hours after sitting there and being degraded they have retrieved my prints back and proceeded to book me in. they took me to cell wouldn't tell me anything approximately 10 days later i got to go to first court appearance the judge read me my right and told me i was there for hindering apprehension. i also never got free call i asked for so i could at least have family bring my psych meds to me i was denied and shortly after that i had cut my wrist i rapped in toilet paper and they put me in isolation after talking to state doctor he had told them i need medical care to my wrist which i never received just thrown into a cell isolated in a room with poop all over walls and some places on floor i asked to clean it even if i had to myself i was denied i was able to bond out the next day when i finally got free call after 10-12 days being there, but my court probation had been relocated cause of that i bonded out the judge for that suspended my revocation till this case with the 2 men was settled cause they said i could bet it because they looked at report it had false importation on me and the arrest. i had heard from few people i never heard from nor seen anything from law athority that there was i call the night we were arrested for aggravated burgley 2 men ran toward the apartment we were in or around it later found out who the supposed victim was and week or so victim was arrested and spoke to the 2 men i was arrested with that it wasn't them and drooped charges and had it notarized as well, the next court date i had heard of the 73 hour law from people in jail as well and that they had changed my charges from the last court date i asked for dismissal cause i felt my rights were violated the state attorney had not listened to me and pled not guilty and asked for trail date. is this right or are they violating my rights i had nothing to do with description nor supposed burglary a female description had nothing to do with it nor did i resist arrest or cause any problems oh while i was incarcerated a investigator came to speak to me a day prier to first appearance i had said i dropped the 2 men by gas station and hes trying to say i dropped the at alleged house and there should be recording of that but on paper he had changed my words around so what im asking is if any rights were violated and could they treat me the way they did

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