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Legal advice on Criminal charges for bribery in Texas

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What kind of attorney would i need for my husband situation?
Can an illegal immigrant testify in a federal court without potentially being deported? My husband is being held at the GEO Joe Corley Detention Center in Conroe,Tx. He was first sent to the Houston Processing Center in Houston,tx. When arriving the my husband was interrogated by FBI for a couple of hours until they got what they needed from him he was told he didn't have right to have lawyer nor to be seen by a judge because he had already been deported before. They told him it was an automatic deportation on May 23,2014. But then he got transferred to another facility and he was seen by the judge. The judge told him that he didn't have any charges but that he was being used to testify against Marvin Davis in Federal Court. He told him the max he would be their is 30 days. My question is, is he able to come out on bond? 2nd Question is, is if the trail for Marvin Davis takes longer than the 30 days can he still be detained their longer? Its know June 19 and my husband does not now what is going on? He says if he not able to stay can you hurry the process of deportation??? I really need your help!!!! Would like for you to represent my husband. I am showing you a news report about the incident when my husband was arrested. HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A former Texas Department of Public Safety trooper is facing federal charges after he was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle illegal immigrants to Houston. Marvin Davis, 47, was pulled over Thursday along Highway 59 North in Fort Bend County for illegal window tinting. According to federal court documents, Davis told the trooper he worked for DPS. Court papers state Davis had a vest inside his blacked-out SUVs that read "State Police" and even a mounted laptop computer. The trooper noticed two men in the back seat, and decided to run Davis' plates. The plate information came back to Davis and a state-issued vehicle. Davis was arrested for impersonating an officer. The two men in the back seat of his SUV were taken into custody and questioned. Court papers state they told federal investigators they crossed into the US illegally. Court papers state Davis admitted to working with an alien smuggling organization to transport the men from Edinburg and through a border patrol checkpoint in Falfurrias, TX before concluding the voyage to Houston. Investigators said he was paid $500 per person, and said Davis admitted this was his fifth trip. In 2013, Davis was fired from the Texas Department of Public Safety after he was arrested, charged and convicted of bribery.

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