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Legal advice on Contingencies on property sale agreements in Utah

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My realtor is screwing me over by letting the sellers live in my house after closing. How can I take back control?
My realtor filled out our original offer with possession marked as "72 hrs after close". I thought this was to allow for county recording prior to me getting the keys, but this actually allows the sellers to live in the house after we close on it. When I found that out, he said I signed it, so it is what it is! It makes no sense that he would start a negotiation offering the sellers to live rent free in my house after close, and then when they asked in their counter offer to maintain possession of a detached garage on the property for 4 weeks after close, I said no, and asked the realtor to please just extend close 4 weeks instead because I did not want the liability... at this point, he should have told me, by the way, you are letting them live there after close... but he didn't. I had no idea until this week, 5 weeks in, that I can't even do the final walk through before close because they'll be living in there until after close. This makes no sense. I'm not doing a final walk through until they move out... I don't see the logic in messing with one beforehand considering all the things that can go wrong in the moving process. This is just one of many examples of ways I feel like my realtor did not have my best interest in mind and didn't even make sure I knew what I was signing. What are my options? I'd like to fire him. I can't trust him. But I don't want the sale of the house to fall through. Moving from a different state, so not familiar with all the local customs. He's already misrepresented some, such as telling me sellers don't pay closing costs, when in fact, the appraisal came in expressing that in the area I am purchasing, many sellers are paying closing costs (this was part of the appraisal because the appraiser was describing the local market conditions to justify his estimated value). So many other things have gone wrong, I just want out of my contract with this guy, or at least I want to get the house at close, without them living in it! Help, please.

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