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Legal advice on Car titles and loans in divorce in Oklahoma

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I am and have always been a resident of the state of Oklahoma. on Sept, 20 th 2008 I married a resident of Plano Texas' in Tulsa, ok. where I live' and have made my home here since 1992. After we married she was to get a Transfer from her Job' AT&T. and relocate here to Tulsa, ok to set up house with me' her new husband. I told her before we married that I would not ever live in the state of Texas, as Oklahoma is my home and I love it here. I am saying all this to say. That I have never had so much as a toothbrush of mine in Texas, never stayed with her at anytime at her home in Texas, nor done any business in Texas. in fact my wife always came to visit me here in Tulsa, ok since I will not get on a plane. don't like flying at all! well as time went on' our marriage was a Joke..seeing that she never intended to move here with me to Tulsa, ok. anyway' well She had me served with divorce papers on Feb, 19 th at my home here in Tulsa, ok. suing me for divorce and her attorneys fees! along with her asking for division of community property. well first off as I understand it' under Texas law as A nonresident I would have to meet minimum contact requirements with the state of Texas for the court to have personal Jurisdiction over me. a nonresident. I contend that The state of Texas Does Not have personal Jurisdiction over me, A nonresident with No contact with the state of Texas. I would like to speak to an attorney about filling a motion or a special pleading challenging the Texas court's Personal Jurisdiction over me in this matter. second thing on the list is after we married she brought me a new car, and a computer for me as wedding gifts, and she also brought her a new car. now her old car a 2001 Nissan with 144,000 miles on it she had before we married. well when we got to the point in the marriage where she wanted to divorce me..she wanted everything back that she brought me..I said no way!..those were gifts! she then offered to give to me the Nissan in exchange for the new car she had brought for me, well seeing that the note/car payment was near $600.00 per month on the new car' and I am on a fixed income and could not afford the car payments by myself, and since the car was in her credit..I said ok. but only if you put it in writting that you're giving me the Nissan in exchange for the 2009 Pontiac G 8 GT..well she came to Tulsa ok, we wrote up an agreement and had a notary sign and stamp it. what I am asking here is am I under Texas Jurisdiction? and can she get the Nissan back seeing that she owned it before we married even thou she gave it to me and signed the title over to me as well. please help me with this Nightmare! Thank you so very much.

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