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Legal advice on Buying property at auction in Arizona

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We were misled by NHS of phoenix saying they were going to pay a one time payment ,but lost our home and the bank got it back
I made a couple of calls on Thursday 4/24 but no answer ,made several call on Friday 4/25 until Abraham answer at 4:33,I asked if he can call my lender to postpone the sale on our home because it was going to take place Monday 4/28 at 10am. He told me to call and try to get the sale postpone and tell my lender that it was in review for the release of funds also he said to send him emails about what happens when I talk to my lender about postponing the sale date because Monday (4/28)morning I will check my emails and work on it first thing. I wanted Abraham to call not me ,I’m the borrower and the lender ASC will not believe that I am awaiting funds unless I have written documents in order to postpone the sale. Monday I called Abraham to see if he can call to postpone the sale,I called 15 times but no answer, 10 am passed and me thinking that Abraham has called and taken care of it.( postpone the sale) not knowing anything so at 10:45 called no answer and at 11:40 an answer then he called me back at 11:41 asking me how did it go" Then he told me that the sale came and our home was auction the bank took it back from us like it was nothing. I had him make a three way call to the attorney to find out if there was some kind of redemption period but they said “ your lender ASC does not do that. Abraham who represents NHS Phoenix said there is nothing we can do, and as a third party we done all we could. You (me) already had a loan modification and there was no way you were going to get it. Abraham continue to tell me about there were no possibilities of getting a loan modification because I already had my loan modified with a 2% but did not mention the option about a onetime recovery which for me was the reason for me to catch up on our mortgage because our income had an increase of 17,000 extra a year starting 4/1/14. I told Abraham if “you would of called and talk to my lenders maybe there could have been a postponement on the sale of our home. He said he called my lender twice but no answer which I don’t believe, because ASC (American Servicer Co) always picks up the phone. Also he faxed a letter to my servicer according to him. I ask Abraham why dint you answer my calls knowing that our home could be sold. He said he was sorry because he was in meetings all morning. you might of saved our home because your company has the authority to present the letter saying the it was in review of funds being released, which could of postpone the sale on our home but seems to me meetings are more important than the people that can loose everything which in our case we did. I feel betrayed by the state of Arizona promising relief from a plague called foreclosure. I have spoken to an attorney about what happened to me and my family, having a special needs child and my wife who battled triple negative breast cancer and my 14 year old son who also feels betrayed by this situation. I have been advised to take legal action if this issue is not resolved. Our heart has been for the homeless people, helping every way we can and because of the delayed actions of NHS Phoenix we too are left without a home and possibly becoming homeless.

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