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Can I file civil suit and EEO case at the same thing..
20 Dec I work for the federal government GS14 for the Navy - architectural engineer or facilities management. I applied for a GS15 job with the Secretary of Defense in Afghanistan. I accepted the offer. Then the human resources was processing the hiring action. My boss of a few weeks - told them not to hire me - I can not handle the job; I can not do GS14/15 work ; he did like me going to Afghanistan and coming back to my old job; and the funding issues with doing that move (I am on pay retention as GS14 in a GS13 slot). I have 2 performance award from my real boss. I asked the human resources woman why she withdrew the offer - and she said it was not because of performance but because the man (name 1) repeated those comments to her and the business line coordinator above him - also told her the same. I want to file personal law suit - for defaming my character and EEO. The business line coordinator told me - you are not think of you family". The you can not handle it - is a sexist remark and offensive to me. Again - my performance record is spotless. Do I have the right to file EEO and personal law suits for defaming my character? Can I file a civil case against the Human Resource Officer for giving me an offer and then without grounds - taking it away and giving it to someone else. The Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) issues a policy letter - the [name 1] worry about me coming back to my slot was against policy. He and the HR trumped up the non-merit and non-work related concerns. What should I do? I do want the job NOW. I was suppose to report in Jan 2011. I am now at Naval Base Guam; I offered a job GS15 out of the Washington DC Office of Secretary of Defense to go TDY (travel) to Afghanistan.

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