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Legal advice on Adultery in New Hampshire

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How to use the cohabitation clause in my divorce settlement effectively?
I married a gold digger. I have recently reached a divorce settlement without trial. I finally did this to throw in the towel as expenses in this case reached the 30k mark. The final settlement agreed to alimony for another year totaling bout 30k. One of the stipulations was if my spouse were to engage in cohabitation with any person in a "marriage like" situation, alimony will stop. Only 3 weeks after the settlement was reached I have learned she moved her boyfriend into her home! Again she's now making a fool of me. I fired my attorney once we reached settlement gas her billing practices proved to be unethical and I am now seeking an auditor to review; that is another situation all together. My questions are this: 1. Would a privately Investigators footage be enough to stop alimony? 2. Do I need to hire another attorney and have them hire the PI? 3. Once I have the evidence of cohabitation how do I proceed? Do we provide info to her attorney and state we aren't going to pay any longer and let her attorney make a move? 4. Or do I have to go before a judge again to get them to order dismissal of alimony? This whole case has caused me nothing but grief and I want it behind me. However after dealing with her adultery, verbal abuse, stealing and generally breaking my heart I really want to feel some sort of justice is served. What is the fastest and cheapest method of making thus happen? Thanks in advance for any direction you can offer.

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