Avvo Legal Marketplace

The Avvo Legal Marketplace is an online resource for consumers that simplifies the process of hiring an attorney. The Marketplace uses technology to provide consumers with cost transparency, efficiency, and answers to the questions that previously required calling or meeting with the attorney: What will it cost? What is the attorney's approach? How long will it take to resolve my case? What sort of outcome can I expect?

In the Avvo Legal Marketplace, consumers looking for representation submit details about their individual legal situations which are made available only to qualified local attorneys. These attorneys provide personalized proposals directly--and at no cost--to the consumer. With a single online action, Marketplace users can get multiple responses from attorneys in a short period of time.

Attorneys participate in the Avvo Legal Marketplace because it offers an efficient and effective way to showcase their knowledge and experience to consumers who are ready to hire.

The Avvo Legal Marketplace is currently available for three practice areas - Divorce, Traffic Tickets and DUI - and was created with extensive input from attorneys specializing in each area. Additional marketplaces will be added soon.

Frequently asked questions about the Avvo Legal Marketplace

I need a lawyer. How does the Avvo Legal Marketplace make it easier to find the right one?

If you have a traffic ticket, DUI or divorce case, the Marketplace lets you get proposals from multiple lawyers simply by supplying your name and the basic details about your situation. We share those details only with qualified local attorneys, and will notify you via email when they submit proposals for handling your case. After reviewing their proposals, you can contact the attorney(s) who you are interested in representing you.

I am a lawyer. How does the Avvo Legal Marketplace help me find clients?

The Marketplace connects you with prospective clients who are actively looking for an attorney. You will receive an email when a case is submitted in your practice area. You can then review the case information and provide a price quote along with a personal message.

What kind of information is included in the proposal?

Every proposal automatically includes basic information such as the lawyer's name, Avvo Rating, client reviews, and primary practice areas. Lawyers must also include a price quote for their services, based on the information available. Additionally, lawyers may include a personal message that can include information about their approach to the case, outcome expectations, and what other information the lawyer might need to proceed.

Which attorneys are allowed to participate in the Avvo Legal Marketplace?

Attorneys must claim their Avvo profile and have relevant practice areas in order to submit proposals.

Does participating in the Avvo Legal Marketplace create an attorney/client relationship?

No. An attorney/client relationship is only created if a client directly contacts and hires an attorney to represent them.

Am I required to hire one of the attorneys who submitted a proposal for my case?

No, there is no obligation to hire one of the responding attorneys.

How much does it cost to receive proposals from lawyers through the Avvo Legal Marketplace?

There is no charge to receive proposals from lawyers.

Do attorneys pay to submit proposals?

Yes, there is a fee for the lawyer to participate in the Marketplace.