Can I remove my Avvo Rating?

Avvo's goal is to make it easier for everyone to navigate the often-opaque legal industry. We create profiles for every lawyer we can find records on (starting with state bar licensing and disciplinary records). This includes over 95% of the attorneys in the US. We then aggregate additional information into lawyer profiles, and lawyers can add their own biographical details.

The Avvo Rating is calculated using an algorithm that takes into account numerous factors in an attorney's background. It's akin to what an experienced attorney would do if evaluating the resume of an unknown attorney. The more information available, the better the assessment can be. But that doesn't mean an assessment based on limited information is without value. If you add information to your profile, you may well find that the Avvo Rating increases. But we do not "adjust" ratings on demand; nor do we remove attorney profiles.

Attorneys who have not been disciplined and who do not desire to reach consumers of legal services may contact Avvo and request that their numerical Avvo Rating not be displayed on their profile. The profiles of these attorneys will not be included in practice area search results, and licensing details and client reviews will remain visible.