Professional Conduct and Legal Issues

For a further explanation of these issues and more, please read the the Rules of Professional Conduct white paper.

  • Referrals

Avvo Advisor is not a lawyer referral service. Advisor customers have the option to select to receive a phone call from any Avvo-approved attorney. Customers may also select an attorney of their choosing to contact them within 12 hours.

  • Attorney-client relationships

The form clients complete to partake in Avvo Advisor indicates the limited scope of the legal services offered. We encourage participating attorneys to set expectations and explain the parameters of the service provided at the time of call. Until the session begins, conflicts of interest are checked, and the attorney agrees to provide the the consultation, no attorney-client relationship exists.

  • Trust accounts

Since Avvo does not transfer the payment from client to attorney until after the session has been completed, participating attorneys need not worry about trust account issues.

  • Fee-splitting

Once Avvo begins charging for the Advisor program, we will do so with a separate marketing fee. The entire fee for services paid by the client will be passed through to the attorney, thus avoiding any fee-splitting concerns.