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What a Probate lawyer can do for you

A probate attorney will help you plan the distribution of a person's property and money after death. The services a probate attorney provides include determining how assets will be distributed, payment of debts and taxes according to the will, filing necessary motions, and making arguments in court should the will be contested. The cost of hiring a probate lawyer is usually paid by estate assets before inheritors receive anything.

Why hire a Probate attorney

Probate is the legal process used to carry out a person's will after their death; a probate attorney advises you on how to perform the steps in the process. In general, once you have identified and collected the dead person's belongings, including their money, property, and other assets, you pay the person's debts and taxes. Once all debts have been paid, you distribute their money and property according to the language of the will. If there is no will, the laws of the state where the dead person lived control how the property is distributed. A probate attorney helps you plan what happens to your property when you die, as they can probate wills and act as your probate court estate representative. A probate attorney also represents family members and beneficiaries wishing to challenge wills.

Did you know?

A probate attorney's fees for a typical, uncomplicated estate with a gross value of $400,000 can amount to $20,000 or more.