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Anna Potapova Ernest

Anna Ernest

Norfolk, VA

4.5 stars
Stephanie Hendricks

Stephanie Hendr

Brooklyn, NY

5.0 stars
Neil Juneja

Neil Juneja

Seattle, WA

5.0 stars
Derek A Hawkins

Derek Hawkins

Milwaukee, WI

5.0 stars
Kathryn Noelle Karam

Kathryn Karam

Houston, TX

5.0 stars
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“My experience was fantastic. I received my call within minutes of submitting my request and got the clarification and guidance I needed on how to proceed regarding my situation. The attorney I consulted with was extremely knowledgable, professional, and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a simpler and smoother process.”

– Maryland client

Richard D. Lebovitz

Richard Lebovitz

Family attorney

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Conversation client 8aa987141750a9bab65262d0246b934c4b2c1c7eb27c26599c230ac02d06abb2
3 min ago

I’m making changes to my parenting plan. Can you take a look?

Conversation lawyer c1b9d9cc4017ad2a1211139a09ba637920f89af44024c960a27a4c760e245578
3 min ago

Thanks for hiring me! I received your documents, let’s talk about what you’ve got so far and what kind of edits you want to make.

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