Written by attorney John Vincent Tucker

You Can Find Out How Often Your Social Security Disability Judge Denies Claims -- Online Statistics

In Portland, Oregon, the local newspaper called The Oregonian has done a great service to Social Security Disability claimants and the public. For what I believe is the first time, the Social Security Administration ('SSA') released statistics about how often Social Security Administrative Law Judges approve disability cases. The Oregonian did a Freedom of Information Act request and obtained the information.

You can go to their website and type in a Judge's name and search their approval rates for 2006, 2007, and 2008. Here is the link:

You may not find every Administrative Law Judge in their database, and it only covers the 3 years for which SSA released statistics, but this is very helpful in understanding how frequently a particular Judge approves and denies claims. Every case is unique, but it helps you understand what you and your attorney are up against with a particular ALJ.

You can also view Social Security's own statistics on their website at These are more current, and run through January 2010. ALJ's are listed alphabetically, but you can sort the stats by ODAR (hearing office) location and other categories.

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