Written by attorney John A. Gallagher

Yes, Virginia, There Are Contingency Fee Unemployment Compensation Lawyers in Pennsylvania!

If you have received a Notice of Determination denying you unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania, all is not lost. What you need to do is promptly appeal, simply stating "I disagree with the determination" (you do not have to "prove" you have a right to an appeal, nor can you win an appeal simply based upon what you write, so the less said the better). Then, your matter will be listed for a Hearing before an Unemployment Referee. In Southeastern Pennsylvania, those Unemployment Hearings are held either in Malverrn, Norristown, Springfield (Delco), Reading, Bristol or Philadelphia. At the Hearing, it does not matter why you were initially denied benefits. What matters is what is said and PROVED and the Hearing. Since employers care and know little about the rules of evidence, they often say a lot but actually PROVE very little. However, if you don't have an unemployment lawyer with you, you may not know how to stop the employer's fabrications, half-truths and otherwise unfounded assertions. Since the Referee are not particularly interested in acting as your attorney, your inability to keep this evidence out of the Hearing may result in you losing desperately needed and deserved benefits. Yet, you're out of a job and don't have much money - how can you afford a private lawyer to help you? Well, if you win the Hearing under these circumstances, you will get a retroactive benefit check making you whole for all of the benefits you have lost. A contingent fee unemployment lawyer may be willing to accept a small percentage of those benefits if you win the case. An experienced unemployment attorney knows what cases can an cannot be won, so he/she should be willing to consider handling your representation on a contingent fee basis (i.e. the attorney does not get paid unless you win). Hope you found this helpful!

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