Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle

Wrongfully Accused of Child Pornography

Internet sex crimes that involve child pornography are very serious criminal offenses under Arizona law and Federal law. When a person is accused of possessing, distributing or manufacturing pornographic material depicting children, they will most likely be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Since Arizona prosecutors are typically not very lenient with sex offenders, people can receive severe sentences if they are convicted of child pornography.

If someone is accused of a child pornography offense, but believes that they are innocent, they will need to be able to provide strong evidence of their innocence in court. For example, a person could have been falsely accused of possessing child pornography if a virus, or some other person, downloaded child pornography onto their computer without their knowledge. A person could also face false accusations if a 3rd party used that person’s personal IP address to download or distribute child pornography over a peer-to-peer file sharing network without the person’s knowledge. Furthermore, the person who has been wrongfully accused could face scrutiny from family members and friends. Child sex offenses have a very negative connotation, and these types of charges could affect someone’s job or education as well.

People must consult with a Phoenix sex crimes attorney if they are accused of possessing, distributing or manufacturing child pornography in Arizona. This is especially important if a person has been wrongfully accused of a sex crime involving minors. The criminal justice system is particularly harsh on child sex offenders, and people need to make sure that their rights are protected in court.

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