Written by attorney Jonathan Torres

Wrongful Termination Unpaid Wages and Overtime and WhistleBlower

If an employer does not pay wages or fails to pay for overtime, you have a claim most likely under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA") and Florida’s unpaid wages law. The FLSA provides that any lawsuit filed against the Company could also be filed against any individual(s) exercising sufficient control over the business, including corporate officers. The FLSA also provides for liquidated dam...ages, which would double the amount of damages that my client has. Furthermore, the FLSA provides that if a lawsuit is filed against the Company and an individual(s) and is meritorious, both the Company and the individual(s) would be liable for any overtime compensation owed to my client, liquidated damages, and my client's attorneys' fees and costs. There is no corporate protection and any personal assets of the individual(s) may therefore be seized if my client prevails. If you report your business for questionable or illegal practices and they terminate your employment you may have been wrongfully terminated. This termination of employment can be considered retaliation under the FLSA and Florida’s private sector Whistleblower’s Act. If you are wrongfully terminated from your job or you have not been paid overtime contact Attorney Jonathan Torres.

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