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Wrongful Death Law Firms Help Grieving Families

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

Sometimes, someone ends up losing their life because of the negligence of another individual. There are plenty of different ways that this commonly happens. In some cases, the person who died may have been in a vehicle that was struck by a negligent driver. In other cases, someone that the deceased individual worked for may not have adhered to safety standards and put the person at real risk. Of all the ways that someone can die, dying because of the negligence of another is among the most senseless and the most tragic for the surviving family.

How Attorneys Help

When someone dies, they leave behind a family that no longer as the deceased person’s financial support, their emotional support and all of the other things that they brought to the family. Attorneys can help the survivors to determine a realistic figure that they are owed due to the loss of a loved one. This is not an easy process, but an attorney at a wrongful death law firm will be able to make sure that the family seeks enough in compensation.

Bad Settlements

Another way that these attorneys help families is by helping the families to avoid taking settlements that are inadequate, given the circumstances. Particularly in cases where a company is involved in the wrongful death, the family may be approached with a settlement offer designed to keep them from suing. The problem with this is that the amount offered is usually not nearly enough to offset the family’s financial losses and is certainly not enough to begin making up for their emotional trauma.

An attorney will be able to help their clients determine whether or not they are being offered a fair settlement, if one is put on the table. If the settlement is not fair, the attorney may be able to negotiate a more appropriate sum or might just recommend that the family goes ahead and brings the case before a jury.

Getting Damages

A jury will decide whether the defendant is financially responsible for the wrongful death and to what degree. This sometimes results in the family receiving all of the money they’re seeking or some of it. In some cases, particularly where the plaintiffs have a strong case and a good attorney, a settlement may be offered just before the case is slated to go to court. This sometimes results in the family getting adequate compensation without having to worry about court fees.

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