Written by attorney Vincent Peter White

Workplace Sexual Harassment, Why Victims Do Not Always Report

Hello everyone, I'm Vincent White. I'm an employment attorney and today, we're speaking about workplace sexual harassment and victim blaming. That's honestly the first stop for many Employment Defense Attorneys. "Your client was asking for it." They don't say it in so many words, but that's the gist of things. "Oh, it was consensual, everybody was on board."

Doesn't matter. Even if that's true, and that's probably not true, there's a power differential in most of these situations. Even if you're peers with someone, often between men and women, there is a size and a physical intimidation power differential.

It's very simplistic to say, "Oh, everybody was fine with it." How would you know?How would you know if somebody was just going along with it because they know this person gets really grumpy if he gets rejected. Or it's just easier to go along, to get along. This is where you earn money, and you don't want conflict, you don't want to make enemies.

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