Written by attorney Christopher J Zachar

Will Insurance cover an underage driver?

Arizona personal injury accidents, more particularly auto accidents, are common and often covered by insurance. The point of the insurance system and laws that govern it is to provide innocent third parties monetary protection for personal injuries and property damage. However, what does this insurance cover? Does it cover when your car is stolen? Does it cover a friend or family member when driving your car? What about an underage driver? You need to consult an experienced Arizona personal injury accident lawyer to help you through these often difficult situations.

The insurance business is based on risk assessment. Insurance carriers have often used criteria such as age and gender in quantifying the risk of a driver and thus the appropriate insurance premium. Insurance contracts may have provisions that exclude from the coverage accidents that occur while an underage driver is operating the vehicle. Arizona personal injury accident lawyers can help you understand the insurance contracts, what they cover and what they don’t. Remember, the insurance business is highly regulated in Arizona.

The laws regulating the insurance business in Arizona are complicated. It is important when trying to understand these laws to look for an experienced Arizona personal injury accident lawyer who knows and understands these laws. Moreover, more than the written statutes shape the law, court opinions also play an important role. An experienced Arizona personal injury accident lawyer is likely to know these cases and all the developments in the law regulating insurance coverage in Arizona. As such, it is essential when your vehicle has been involved in an accident to contact the appropriate lawyer.

An experienced A rizona personal injury accident lawyer will be able to deal with the insurance company for you. He or she will be able to fight for your rights by arguing that the policy exclusion is void against public policy. An Arizona personal injury accident lawyer can explain whether or not permission can change the policy exclusion. Even further, a qualified injury accident lawyer can help you understand what your rights are when you have given permission to one person to operate a vehicle and they give permission to another who ends up causing an accident. In this situation, you did not actually give permission to drive the vehicle and may be still covered.

Does insurance cover a driver of a stolen car? The answer is almost always no. Does it cover a friend or family member when driving your car? The answer is almost always yes. What about an underage driver? Unless specifically excluded, more likely than not, the answer will be yes.

If you have a motor vehicle that is insured and an underage driver has caused an accident, consult an Arizona personal injury accident lawyer today. Look for experience, look for a proven trial lawyer, find a certified specialist in personal injury that knows and understands the complicated laws and court cases that create the law regulating the insurance business. The specialists at Zachar Law Firm are ready to assist you with your needs and questions. Call (602) 494-4800 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Online at to live chat with our support staff 24/7.

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