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Will a Speeding Ticket Impact my Insurance Rates?

Posted by attorney Gregory Colburn

It is likely safe to say that, regardless of the circumstances, nobody enjoys getting a speeding ticket. Getting a traffic citation, for excessive speed for example, can cost hundreds of dollars for the fine alone, not to mention potential court costs if you decide to contest the charge. But data analyzed by shows that the cost of a ticket – for a number of reasons that include speeding, but extend on to other violations like car accidents – can significantly increase the price of your monthly insurance premium.

Why Do Violations Affect Insurance?

As you probably already know, there are a number of factors that determine the rate of your insurance policy premium. When you go online or call into an insurance agency, you are asked to reveal a lot of information before you receive a quoted price for your policy, including whether you have ever had a speeding ticket or other violation.

For example, if you live in an area with a high frequency of car accidents, your quoted price will likely be significantly higher than it would be for a less dangerous area. Likewise, if you have a speeding ticket on your driving record, insurance companies will see that as an increased risk and quote a higher rate.

Essentially, during the quote process insurance companies have to weigh the potential risk involved with offering protection to a driver. If you have a documented history of risky driving behavior – such as car accidents, a speeding ticket or other traffic violations – you can expect to have a much higher insurance rate than safer drivers.

Speeding Ticket Also Raises Current Rates

Contrary to popular belief, your car insurance rate still has the potential to increase significantly even after you have purchased your policy. Many people think that the rate they were quoted initially is the rate they will pay for the duration of their policy.

If you have a reasonable insurance premium, it should go without saying that avoiding problems like a car accident or speeding ticket will keep your rate low. If, however, you manage to encounter a traffic violation such as a speeding ticket or seat belt infraction, you can expect your rate to go up significantly., a leading insurance rate-comparison website, recently analyzed data from almost 500,000 insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies in the United States. Based on this data, the company was able to come up with average increases in insurance policy premiums that resulted from various types of violations, including a speeding ticket.

While these are relatively accurate depictions of the increases in insurance premiums after a traffic offense, all insurance companies and drivers are different and rate increases may differ. And though your particular insurance company may be able to give you a better estimate of numbers, your best bet is to always exhibit safe driving behavior on the roadways.

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