Written by attorney Jodi Brenner Ginsberg

Why Your Radiating Back Pain may be the Sign of a Serious Injury

If you have hurt your back or neck on the job and you notice that your pain is radiating from your spine into your hips or legs, or your shoulder and arms, your injury may be more serious that it first appears.

Radiating pain, which refers to pain that starts in your back or neck, but then extends into other parts of your body, may be a sign of an injury to your spinal cord. It may be that your vertebrae are pressing on your spinal cord, or you may be developing arthritis in your spine that leads to stenosis,which is a narrowing of the opening where your spinal cord is housed.

If this pressure on your spinal cord is not relieved through rest, physical therapy or surgery, you could suffer permanent nerve damage and a permanent impairment to your way of life.

As I discuss in this video, you must let your doctor and your employer know if you are experiencing radiating pain into your upper or lower extremities. Because you risk permanent damage to your spine if treatment is delayed, you should leave no doubt when you report the extent of your injuries.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often discourage workers’ compensation doctors from ordering necessary tests like MRI or CT scans that can identify the cause of your radiating pain. Fighting these delays and refusals to authorize treatment is what I do as a workers’ compensation lawyer.

I have represented and read the medical records of hundreds and hundreds of clients with radiating back pain, disc injury and complications. When I see a case that includes complaints of radiating pain, I know that immediate medical treatment with a spine specialist is a priority.

Do not assume that the insurance adjuster has your best interests at heart even if you are currently receiving TTD benefits. In the workers’ compensation world, the speed of medical treatment and the qualifications of the treating doctor can make all the difference in a good long term outcome. #radiatingbackpain #spineinjuryworkerscompensation #radiatingneckpain

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