Written by attorney R. Michael Bomberger

Why Your Back Pain may be Due to Your Skechers Shape-ups

Despite Skechers’ claims that there is not safety concerns regarding their Shape-ups, hundreds of people have suffered pain, discomfort, and injury as a result of wearing these toning shoes. While millions of people may wear the toning shoes without suffering any adverse effects, because everyone’s skeletal alignment is different, some people can suffer catastrophic injuries to their ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Faulty Design

A number of podiatrists have raised concerns over the safety of rocker bottom shoes. Skechers Shape-ups and similar toning shoes feature a rocker bottom sole, a thick, squishy, and rounded heel that is designed to create instability, which Skechers claims will increase the wearer’s physical fitness. However, after conducting performance tests on several different brands of toning shoes, the American Council of Exercise found no evidence of improved fitness and raised concerns that extended use of these shoes may permanently alter the person’s gait. The shoes that forces the wearer to walk from heel to toe, rolling on an unstable heel and causing muscles to be overextended. Even standing still can be a challenge, especially those with pre-existing ankle or balance conditions.

Skechers Shape-ups and Back Pain

The strange heel forces wearers of the shape-ups to distribute their weight in an abnormal way, putting undue pressure on the hips and back. Over time, the shoes can cause muscle strains, herniated discs, or cause fall accidents, which in turn leads to back injuries. In addition, your spinal alignment can become distressed from wearing the toning shoes. There are a number of different possible causes for chronic back pain. Seeking medical attention and a diagnosis can help ensure you receive the proper treatment for your injuries.

Consumer Safety Rights

When released in 2009, with a price tag of $100, the Skechers Shape-ups sold millions of pairs of shoes under questionable claims that the shoes could tighten muscles and melt fat away. However countless disappointed consumers have reportedly sustained hip fractures, broken ankles, and other types of serious injuries. In order to protect consumers from unsafe products, exercise equipment is typically tested for safety. However, Skechers neglected to conduct any type of testing to verify the safety of the Shape-ups, and the instructions provided fail to adequately warn consumers of the potential danger of the shoes. Instead, third party reviews from sources like Consumer Reports have been discouraging people with certain conditions from purchasing the dangerous shoes.

Skechers Shape-ups Product Liability Lawyers

If you have sustained a serious back injury related to your Skechers Shape-ups, please consult a professional ** Skechers Shape-ups attorney** to ensure your rights are fully protected. A free product liability consultation reviewing your case can help you determine your eligibility to pursue a personal injury claim.

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