Written by attorney Jodi Brenner Ginsberg

Why You Must Seek Medical Care Immediately After Your Work Injury

Your actions in the hours and days immediately following your work injury can play a huge part in how much money your case is worth in settlement and about the quality of medical care you get.

This may seem unfair, especially if your employer is not cooperating or does not know what to do, or even if you don’t know or don’t get clear guidance. But the two or three days after your accident will set the tone for how your case plays out.

As I discuss in this video, you have two important tasks in the minutes and hours after you get hurt at work. First, you must report your injury to a supervisor or HR manager. This is called giving proper notice of injury to your employer.

Secondly, and equally important, you must seek medical care as soon as you can after your injury. If your employer has a #postedpanel of physicians available, choose one of those doctors and go. If there is no posted panel and your employer does not know what to do, go to the emergency room or even your family doctor - it very important that you seek care quickly.

Further, when you attend that first doctor’s visit make sure to tell the doctor that you are there because of a #workinjury, and make a list of every body part that hurts - even if it seems that your injury is very minor or only a bruise.

If you fail to include a body part in that first doctor visit and later on you have trouble with that body part, the insurance company may very well deny your claim. It is better to report even minor discomfort than to assume that that slight pain doesn’t mean anything.

If you have any questions about what to do following a work injury, please pick up your phone and call me, or send me an email. Your communications with me are totally confidential and you can avoid problems by taking proper action at the beginning of your case. #georgiaworkerscompensation #workinjurygeorgia #atlantaworkerscompensation #hurtatwork #howtoreportworkinjury #georgiaworkinjurylawyer #jodiginsberg ===============Free Case Evaluation=============== If you or a loved one would like a case evaluation for your Georgia workers' compensation claim, please call me at 770-351-0801 or email me at

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