Written by attorney Jonathan C. Ginsberg

Why You Must Never Appear to be Invested in the Idea of Being Disabled

Because of Social Security’s long delays in scheduling your hearing, there is a good chance that when you finally do get your disability hearing date, you will have been struggling with your injury, disease or severe medical condition for several years.

In my practice it is not uncommon for my clients to have last worked two to four years prior to their hearing date.

When you have been out of work for two, three, four or more years, you may find that you have changed the way you see yourself. Instead of being John the machine operator or Sally the teacher you may now see yourself as John the disabled person with severe back pain, or Sally the disabled person with fibromyalgia.

As I discuss in this video, you will hurt your chances at winning if you present yourself to the judge as a person who has given up and sees no future. Instead of labeling yourself as a disabled person, you should present to the judge as a hardworking, able-bodied person who currently and for the last few years has been unable to work because of a serious medical condition. But your goal is to continue to try to regain your health and to return to work.

Social Security judges want to help claimants who possess a fighting spirit and who want to move past their current medical problems. Even if your medical issues are most likely permanent, you will get the judge’s support and enhance your credibility if you testify that you hate the idea of being disabled and that your goal is to regain enough function so that you can work. #winsocialsecuritydisability #socialsecuritydisabilityjudges #howtotestifydisabilityhearing

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