Written by attorney Martin W. Judnich

Why sober people fail Standardized Field Sobriety Tests or SFSTs

Discover the shaky science behind the Standardized DUI Field Sobriety Tests

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There are many problems with these field sobriety tests. The science behind them is flawed, and they are designed to be very difficult — even for someone who is sober. In fact, police are specifically taught that even sober people may have difficulty with these tests. The majority of police officers will not give you proper instructions before either test. And most officers who try to demonstrate a test to you will actually show “clues” of intoxication themselves. However, officers are also taught “cheats” that allow them to pass the tests more easily if they are asked to demonstrate in court. They don’t afford that luxury to anyone accused of DUI. Only an experienced attorney who knows the small complexities of these tests, the scientific studies behind them, and how the officers are trained can actually use them to your advantage if you are accused.

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