Written by attorney Sean Cleary

Why Should You Report a Car Accident in Miami, Florida?

Reporting the car accident to the police is an essential step you can take after a car accident. The police report may provide very important information for your claim and it can protect you in a lawsuit.

Therefore, it is very important to report any automobile accident. Having the police come to the scene of the accident, minutely document what happened and talk to the drivers in the accident and to the witnesses so they write a proper police report is important evidence for you in a lawsuit or in a personal injury claim.

Your lawyer will use the police report because it contains valuable information about what happened. Usually, the police officer(s) investigating the car accident or even the vehicular homicide case, will carefully document the scene. They will measure the vehicle marks on the road, the vehicle, the damage on the vehicle, the skids on the roadway, they will look for pieces of debris on the road or on the highway. As part of their investigation, they will try to determine who's at fault.

Lawyers use police reports in more ways. If the police officer determines that one driver is at fault, this is an information that your lawyer can use with the insurance company when your case is negotiated. Having a police report that is properly documented because you've called the police and they've come to the scene is having a piece of evidence that can already be used in your case. If the police officer determines that the other driver is at fault, it is better for you because your lawyer is better able to convince your insurance company on the other side of the case that they should pay to settle your claim.

Another reason the police report is important is that as a driver, it is critical to share with the police officer what happened and whether you were wearing the proper safety equipment. Most times whether a person was wearing a seat belt or not is a big issue. If the police report says nothing of the seat belt, than the lawyer on the other side will argue that you weren't wearing it because you didn't tell the police officer.

The final reason to have a police officer come to the scene of the accident is that police officers have a quicker means of communication to the paramedics, the hospital, or the medical staff that will treat you after your accident. If an ambulance hasn't been dispatched to the scene of your accident, the police officer can get someone there for you quickly so you can receive the medical treatment you need.

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