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why is it important to hire a board certified personal injury attorney

Posted by attorney James Magazine

As we watch tv and drive up and down our highways we are overwhelmed with lawyers advertising for your personal injury business, however very few of the lawyers advertising board certified civil trial lawyers.

Why is it important to hire a board certified civil trial lawyer? insurance companies receive claims every day from lawyers who try cases on a regular basis and lawyers who do not. you can be rest assured that the insurance companies know which lawyers and firms they can take advantage of and which ones they cannot. if your lawyer has never tried a case do you think that the insurance companies will pay your claim fair or will try and take advantage of your lawyer. however if your lawyer is a board certified civil trial lawyer who the insurance companies see in the courtrooms on a regular basis they are more likely to make the appropriate settlement in your case, as they know if they don't they risk getting stuck owing a large jury verdict.

before hiring your attorney ask how many cases the firm has tried and ask them to show you there verdicts.

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