Written by attorney George F. Mccranie IV

Administrative License Suspension in Georgia - Getting Photo I.D. will Cancell your Driving Permit

If you are involved in an Administrative License Suspension in Georgia and have been issued a Department of Driver Services (DDS) Form 1205 this is your permit to drive until your hearing is held. Unfortunately, the permit doesn't have any way to provide a picture form of identification for the driver. Many times drivers need to physically posses a form of photo identification. Sometimes this is for airline travel or workplace identification etc.. The State of Georgia offers a photo I.D. that looks similar to a Georgia Drivers License, but it does not function as a drivers license. This photo I.D. works well for the identification purposes that it was designed to provide. There is however, a real problem with obtaining a Georgia photo I.D. card while you are involved in an Administrative License Suspension in Georgia. The problem is that when you obtain the Georgia photo I.D. card, your DDS Form 1205 permit to drive is then CANCELLED. This means that you have traded your ability to legally drive for a form of photo I.D.. In effect, when you receive the official state photo I.D. the permit to drive is cancelled! In my experience, this fact is not explained to drivers when they apply for a photo I.D. by Georgia DDS employees. While most people drive everyday for their family, medical or work needs, they don't need a photo I.D. on a daily basis. I have had numerous people contact me about this issue in the last several months after they were charged with Driving Without a Valid License. I want all Georgia licensed drivers to understand that the state does not permit a person to have both a Driving permit and a Photo I.D. during the Administrative License Suspension process. One option that I recommend is - use your Passport as your photo I.D.. Many people don't have passports and believe that it takes months to apply for and receive a passport. This is simply not true in todays modern society. There are passport service companies that offer expedited passport applications or renewals. In some instances with a turn around time of just a couple of days. THE BOTTOM LINE IS - DON'T GET A GEORGIA PHOTO I.D. IF YOU WANT TO DRIVE ON THE TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATIVE PERMIT! IF YOU GET A PHOTO I.D. YOUR TEMPORARY PERMIT WILL BE CANCELLED AND YOU CANNOT LEGALLY DRIVE IN GEORGIA!

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