Written by attorney Max A. Keller

Why Did the Cops Take Your License Plates: Plate Impoundment for Certain DWI's and DAC-IPS in Minn.

The state of Minnesota impounds license plates in certain situations including certain DWIs and Driving After Cancellation (DAC-IPS). If your license plates have been impounded, it means the plates were removed from your car and destroyed, making it illegal for you or anyone else to drive the vehicle or any other owned by alleged offender. If your license plates were impounded, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help by either challenging the impoundment or helping you get special plates (commonly called "whiskey plates").

Talk to our Minneapolis license plate impoundment attorney today to learn about challenging a license plate impoundment or obtaining special license plates.

Offenses That Can Result in License Plate Impoundment

As a skilled, agressive defense attorney with more than 14 years of experience, Max A. Keller has extensive knowledge of the circumstances that can result in license plate impoundment for one year. He can build a strong defense on your behalf to challenge the license plate impoundment or obtain "whiskey plates" for your car. Talk to an agressive, experienced criminal defense law firm today if you have been charged with:

With help from a skilled DWI defense attorney, the impoundment order can be reviewed and challenged, including but not only by challening the underlying offense of DWI or DAC-IPS, resulting in you keeping your license plates or obtaining special plates.

If you are the registered owner of the car but are not the individual who allegedly committed the crime, you may be able to have new license plates issued for your car for free. An experienced criminal defense law firm can help you through the legal process and the paperwork for accomplishing this.

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