Written by attorney Nick Passe

Why did my Wisconsin probation / parole / extended supervision agent do that?

A disproportionate share of questions on avvo focus on the actions of Wisconsin Department of Corrections community supervision agents act in the way they do and on whether the actions of the agents are legal or not. As an attorney practicing criminal defense law, I often find answers for why the Department of Corrections operates in the way it does in the Department of Community Corrections manual (linked below). If you are curious how long an agent can hold your loved one on a hold or if you want to know why the agent made a recommendation for a certain length of incarceration as part of a revocation proceeding or why things happen in the order they do, this book will likely give you the answers you want reasonably quickly and without the risk of appearing to be challenging or second-guessing the agent to his/her face. If you still have questions, seeing a good criminal defense attorney in your area is a good idea. There are statutes and administrative code provisions and manuals and forms but ultimately much of what goes on in the system is local policy that has been worked out between judges and prosecutors law enforcement and the defense bar and local DOC offices over time. These de facto rules may not appear on any web sites or anywhere else you might look but are as real as any other rule you might be forced to deal with.

Good luck and remember, good communications with the agent who has a good degree of control over your life, building a support strucutre of friends and family to help you with your needs and making smart decisions for yourself is generally the best way to get through time on supervision.

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