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Why Collision Insurance is So Important

Posted by attorney William Umansky

Everyday there are numerous automobile collisions in the Central Florida area with resultant property damage to the vehicles involved. However, sometimes the driver causing the collision does not have property damage coverage or inadequate coverage to cover the damages to the other person’s motor vehicle.

Generally the law in Florida mandates that drivers carry only $10,000 in property damage coverage which would cover any property damage caused by the at fault driver to any other vehicles or property.

For instance, if an at fault driver with the minimum $10,000 of property damage coverage rear ended a 2009 Mercedes Benz which totaled it, the at fault drivers insurer would only be legally obligated to pay out its $10,000 in property damage coverage limits which obviously would not cover all of the property damage. The at fault driver would then be personally liable for the difference but usually it is very difficult to collect any property damages from an individual out of their pocket. This is why it is important that you purchase collision coverage to protect your own vehicle should it receive property damage due to the negligent driving of an uninsured or underinsured driver. In the above instance if you were the owner of a 2009 Mercedes Benz it would be wise to carry $100,000 in collision coverage to cover all the property damage involved which is not only money to replace the value of a 2009 Mercedes Benz but also any attendant costs such as towing charges, storage charges, taxes, title and tag fees when replacing the totaled vehicle. In this situation after your own automobile insurer paid out your property damage claim under your collision coverage then your insurer could subrogate or make a claim under the at fault drivers property damage insurance coverage to collect the $10,000 in property damage coverage limits.

If they elect to sue the at fault driver personally for the outstanding difference they will then obtain a judgment and try to collect it from the at fault driver.

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