Written by attorney Gregg R Woodnick

Why Almost Everyone Needs a Arizona

Why Almost Everyone Needs a Prenup

Thinking of getting married anytime soon? Maybe even this Valentine’s Day? If so, a recent article by Kimberly Palmer explains “Why Almost Everyone Needs a Prenup". The article explains that even couples coming into a marriage with minimal assets, should consider a prenup. The prenup can specify how couples will divide wealth and/or debt that may accumulate during a marriage rather than leave chances up to the Court.

However, couples with vast differences in their incomes should strongly consider a prenup. For the wealthier fiancé, a prenup is important to protect their already accumulated wealth and anticipated wealth that they will continue to accumulate through their businesses or careers. For the lower (or no) income fiancé, a prenup is important as it can spell out terms of spousal maintenance.

Regardless of which category you fit into, it is important to consult an attorney if you are considering marriage and a prenup. There are specific Arizona statutes and laws which govern the enforceability of a prenup and an attorney can help to ensure that the agreement you and your fiancé come to is one that can be upheld in the future.

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