Written by attorney Keith Landry Magness

Who Will Pay For a Rental Car Following a Car Accident in Louisiana?

After being involved in an accident, one of the major concerns for most of our clients is, "How will I get back and forth from school or work or whatnot? Who is going to put me in a rental car?" Well the short answer is the other driver's insurance company is not necessarily required to pay for a rental for you. They're required to reimburse your rental expenses. However, if it's clear that that accident is 100% the other driver's fault, it's very common for the other driver's insurance company to help arrange for a rental vehicle. If not, there are other avenues. We can look at your own insurance policy and see if you have rental reimbursement. They may be able to put you into a rental car so you can make it to work, make it to school, and limit the amount of disruption that this accident causes on your life.

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