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Who is Pressuring You to Settle Your Case? NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

When do you begin to negotiate your case? At what point in the litigation process do you start to have settlement discussions?

In New York, in a negligence case, an accident case, a wrongful death case or even a medical malpractice case, settlement discussions can occur at any point in the lawsuit process even during your trial.

If your case is contested, the most likely time when you will begin to negotiate is when your case is on the trial calendar and your case is approaching trial. What you may not realize as you begin to negotiate in front of the judge who supervises your case is that he (or she) will put pressure on your and your attorney, as well as the defense lawyers.

Why and how would a judge put pressure on the parties to try and settle?

Watch the video to learn the answer.

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