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Who can I trust to help with my worker's comp claim?

Posted by attorney Mitchell Sexner

When you or a loved or has been injured in a work related accident, it’s extremely important to determine who is looking out for your best interests and who is not. As with anything in life, we sometimes need to rely on others for help from time to time. But when we choose others to help, it makes all the difference in the world whether those others are truly interested in our success or not. The most logical way to figure out who is on your side is to examine what others have to gain or lose by helping you in your workers compensation claim.

Once an injury has been reported, you will likely be contacted quickly by a claims representative of the insurance company. Will they be calling you to express their real concern for your work injury? Maybe. Although they will undoubtedly ask you how you are doing, the primary reason for the contact will be damage control and an attempt to convince you that they can be trusted to help you in this important matter. Why do they want control? Because when any business pays out less money, their profits go up. That’s good for them and bad for you. Should you give them control? Should you take their advice? Does it make sense to trust a company that benefits the most when they give you less money and less services? You need and deserve fair compensation to help you recover or in the case of a work-related death, for the family to begin to heal.

Workers compensation law is not simple and easy, even if the insurance company makes it sound like it is. There are so many ways for you to be denied money and services by the insurer without you ever realizing it. It’s just not their job to fully inform you of all that’s available for your recovery. Once you sign the settlement papers, that’s the end of the story. It’s over. If you later find out that you should have received more, it’s just too late. When the insurer pays you less, they win. How fair does that sound?

On the other hand, a worker's compensation lawyer receives more fees the greater your settlement is, because our fees are based only on a percentage of your settlement. If you don’t win, we lose and receive no fees. If your recovery is small, our fees are small. It is in both of our best interests for us to find you every single opportunity to recover the maximum amount of money and services to help you fully recover.

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