Written by attorney Joseph E Maloney | Apr 30, 2014

When You See the Handwriting on the Wall, Start Writing it Down on Paper

Employment disputes aren't like car accidents: they don't happen all of a sudden. Almost always, employees get a feeling that "something is up" before being fired, or disciplined, or otherwise mistreated at work. When you get that feeling, you must start documenting your work life.

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If you are having problems at work to such a degree that you conclude that you should start writing things down, you should contact a lawyer who represents workers. Many such attorneys will provide a free consultation. Often, they will consider representing workers on a contingency basis. Don't let concern about the high cost of lawyers prevent you from consulting with an attorney. You can look for an attorney who represents workers in your area using the "Find a Lawyer" feature on AVVO. Or, you can visit the website of the National Employment Lawyers Association, a group of attorneys who represent workers. I've provide a link below. At the NELA website, you can look for an "affiliate" organization in your state. In California, that is the California Employment Lawyers Association, of which I am a member. I've provided a link to CELA's website as well. Finally, I've posted a link below to a good article on this subject I saw on the Huffington Post. Its title refers to documenting racism; but, the same principles apply to all work problems.

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