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When Should I Call and Attorney?

Posted by attorney Ashley Schepens

When is it time to seek out a divorce attorney for advice?

If your marriage is rocky and the thought of divorce ever seriously crosses your mind, you absolutely need to protect yourself, and more importantly, you need to protect your children. You need to make an appointment for a consultation with an attorney who focuses their practice in the area of divorce, child custody, child support, etc. Rest assured that just because you make an appointment to meet with me does not mean that you are divorced or even that you are filing for a divorce. You do not have to inform your spouse or anyone else that you sought out the advice of an attorney. This meeting can be just between you and me and no one else will ever know.

You are not doing anything wrong or illegal. In fact, you are doing the smart thing by getting answers to the questions that have been floating around in your head for days, weeks, or months. I promise that you will, if anything, find some sense of comfort knowing the answers to your questions. Knowledge is power and all you are doing is obtaining knowledge about the law specific to your situation. My goal at the end of each consultation is for you to leave my office armed with information to guide you through any “what ifs" that may arise for you down the road.

I cannot imagine being in a position where you feel completely helpless and without the knowledge to guide yourself out of a bad situation. Do not let your life take you down that path. Do not let your mind fill with a million questions about “what will happen if this" or “what will happen if that." Even if you are not ready to make a legal, official move towards divorce or if are just unsure about the future of your marriage, it is always a good idea to seek out the advice of an attorney to help you make the decisions on your own and in the best interest of your children. Louisiana domestic law can be complicated, but having it explained to you by an attorney is the first step to ensuring that you are fully protected before and during every step of the process.

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