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When Lawyer Achieves Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in New York, How Much Does Client Actually Receive

Posted by attorney Gerald Oginski

You're searching for a New York attorney to represent you in your medical malpractice matter or your wrongful death case or maybe your car accident case. You find lawyer websites that proclaimed to have achieved stunning results in past cases.

Million dollar verdicts. Multi-million dollar verdicts. You are intrigued. You are interested. Before making that call or visiting that office, here's one question you need to ask every lawyer who proclaims that they have achieved remarkable and stunning verdicts:

"How much money did the client actually walk away with?"

Why is that important?

The reality is that after a really large verdict the defense lawyer will ask the trial judge to throw out the verdict or reduce it. Regardless of what the trial judge does, the defense lawyer will likely appeal the verdict and the judge's post-trial decision.

During an appeal, the case could be settled. Often in an attempt to save time, energy, resources and the possibility that the decision could be upheld, the parties to the lawsuit often enter into settlement discussions.

That's why when you see an attorney advertise that they achieved a stunning verdict, ask how much money the client actually walked away with. You'll often be surprised with the ultimate result.

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