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When I file for Bankruptcy do I send notice to my creditors?

Posted by attorney Clint Dunaway

When I File for Bankruptcy do you send notice to my creditors?

Actually, when you file for bankruptcy neither you nor your attorney send the Notice of Bankruptcy to your creditors. The bankruptcy court itself is the one that sends notice of your bankruptcy filing to all of your creditors. A “Master Mailing Matrix" will be created from the creditors you have listed in your Schedules. It is this Mailing Matrix that the Clerk of the bankruptcy court uses to notify your creditors. A hard copy of the notice of bankruptcy is mailed from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center in Virginia to each of your creditors.

Because the Mailing Matrix is made from the creditors listed in your schedules it is important that all creditors are listed. Thoroughly review the credit reports your attorney pulls and make sure all of your creditors are listed. If you know you owe money to a creditor that is not listed on your creditor report make sure you point this out to your attorney so that individual creditor is added to your schedules.

If a creditor is left off the Schedules they won’t be listed in the mailing matrix. If a creditor is not listed in the mailing matrix then they won’t get notice of your bankruptcy. If the creditor doesn’t get notice of your bankruptcy they won’t know that they discontinue their collection efforts. Let our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys help you with your bankruptcy.

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