Written by attorney Thomas von Thury

What You Should Know About Judgments

This guide outlines the basics of court judgments.

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Footnotes 1) See Code of Civil Procedure §703.010 et seq. regarding exemptions from collection generally and §704.730 regarding the homestead exemption in particular. 2) See Code of Civil Procedure §683.110 for renewal of judgments. 3) U.S. Supreme Court decision Roche v. McDonald, 75 U. S. 449; 48 S. Ct. 142 (1928). 4) See U.S. Department of State information at and authorities cited therein. 5) See 11 USC §523 for long list of debts that are not dischargeable in a bankruptcy and §523(a)(2) regarding fraud and misrepresentations specifically. 6) Although most liens must be a matter of public record in order to bind subsequent creditors, ther are certain liens granted automatically be statute that take priority regardless. This includes the lien granted to agriculture producers by the Food and Agriculture Code §55631 et seq. and Code of Civil Procedure §1204 et seq. 7) See Code of Civil Procedure §706.110 et seq. and 15 USC 1673 regarding federal limits on wage garnishments. Copyright, Thomas von Thury, Esq., 2013 This article was originally published on

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