Written by attorney Cody Malloy McCaughan

What You Need to Know About Quiet Title Actions

A quiet title action is a lawsuit in which the Plaintiff asserts that they possess good and marketable title to a certain property, thus putting the burden on anyone else who wants to claim ownership, lien rights, or some other right to the property, to join the lawsuit and prove their claim, or have it permanently extinguished. This is accomplish through serving all known persons who may claim interest in the property with the lawsuit, and publishing notice of the local in the newspaper. Common instances when a quiet title action becomes necessary include selling real property, purchasing real property at a tax or foreclosure auction, and ownership disputes between family members.

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While we always try to resolve title issues and disputes outside of court, if a lawsuit becomes necessary, we have the experience necessary to bring quiet title actions, and other lawsuits involving real property, to a quick and efficient resolution. If you believe a quiet title action is needed for your property, contact us at (305) 928-4190 for a consultation.

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