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What You Need To Know About a SCRAM Device

Over the last several years, courts throughout Texas have attempted to monitor a person’s alcohol consumption. There are a variety of reasons for Texas courts attempting this, most of which are because it is listed as a condition of probation. Some because a person has been convicted previously of an alcohol related driving offense. The ways the court has tried to do this include:

1) by ordering for urine analysis,

2) random alcohol screenings,

3) installing breath reading equipment in your home or vehicle (interlock), and

4) ordering the SCRAM Device

What the SCRAM (a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) device does is allow the court to monitor your alcohol intake continuously.

If the Court orders the SCRAM Device what will happen?

If a SCRAM device is ordered by the court, a person will be fitted with a tamper-resistant ankle bracelet made up of two boxes. One box will conduct the tests that will compute your BAC. The second box stores the calculations and transmits the data to the correct law enforcement personnel. The SCRAM device is designed to test your BAC level once an hour. If the device detects any alcohol in your system, the tests will then be performed every thirty minutes.

What would cause a SCRAM device to be ordered for a person?

There are many different reasons for the court to order a SCRAM installed. The reasons include being convicted of alcohol related offenses several times in the past; a showing that a person cannot control their alcohol intake; violence blamed on drinking and alcoholism; as a condition of probation; or a judge that finds it to be the best way to monitor an individual.

What does a SCRAM Device cost?

First you will have to pay a refundable $100 deposit, a $75 fitting fee, and approximately $84 per week of use. Another point to be aware of is that the fees must be paid in full before the device is installed and fitted.

Can I remove the device or trick it?

The answer to this is you should never try. However, if you try the answer is the device will catch you. The SCRAM has a sensor designed to detect any attempts at tampering with it. A computer will store and relay the date and time of the attempted tampering to the law enforcement officials.

What happens if the SCRAM reports a positive result for Alcohol?

If you are on probation there is a high likelihood that you probation may be revoked. You will have to appear before a probation officer or a judge and explain why you tested positive. If you test positive it is always important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the device and the courts to fight the result.

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