Written by attorney Kevin Thomas Ellmann

What will a DUI mean for me, beyond the criminal consequences?

Everyone knows that suffering a DUI conviction will have direct and immediate consequences for them in the criminal courts. However, often times it is the ancillary consequences, those suffered down the road that can cause the most devastation.

Hiring an expert DUI attorney is obviously an important critical step in avoiding punishments and penalties (especially if you do not understand the legal process) but may also be the factor that saves you from the ancillary consequences discussed below.

How many of you know someone who has been convicted of an alcohol related driving offense? Probably most of us - because it is a hard thing to keep secret. The most serious accidents receive extensive media coverage, with graphic footage constantly shown on all networks and living forever on the internet, with the suspects name prominently displayed.

Such infamy can haunt you and your family for the rest of your life. Your children can be the subject of taunts and ridicule as parents discuss neighbor's transgressions within earshot of their own children.

A criminal background check is no longer just a tool for law enforcement. Job applications, financial aid applications and admissions process, even housing applications trigger background checks almost as a matter of routine these days.

The application process will ask about convictions and the background check acts not only as a confirmatory tool, but also as a gauge of your credibility when compared to your answers to such questions on the application.

An alcohol related driving offense might have nothing to do with what you are applying for, but could be the factor that sets you below another candidate if it does not automatically disqualify you out of the gate. In short, your past mistakes can haunt you well beyond the days and years following that mistake and can unfortunately keep you from moving past those mistakes to the enjoyment of a better life.

In terms of employment prospects following a DUI, you can forget about any job that involves driving a company vehicle. And even for those jobs that have no driving aspect, your qualifications will be judged by what appears on your resume as well as your background check, especially when compared with the background check of your competitors.

If you work with potential investors, you can bet that you will be fully vetted to make sure they are putting their trust and money in a solid businessperson as well as a solid citizen. Knowing that a conviction can have a ripple effect well beyond the initial splash of the criminal case, finding the right attorney who understands DUI laws and regulations is imperative as you try to minimize the impact on your immediate and distant future.

This information is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.

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